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Do you want your own Roku channel?

AIM Christian Television

For every ministry that signs up to provide sermons and/or music for the network, we'll design a custom channel around your ministry, complete with categories of content and custom graphics for just $499, and format and host your videos for just $50 per month. We'll even submit the final package to the Roku channel store to get your channel up and running quickly. Ask us how to get started!


Need an easy, professional, camera?

This an amazing little camera, with a wide angle lens and dual microphones. Great as a entry level recording device. You WILL need a 64gb micro SD for storage. Call us if you have questions; we can help!


Need a Roku device?

Amazon has an excellent selection, including this one, starting at only $29.00. Click on the graphic below to explore your options to watch The Living Word Ministries on AIM Christian Television.



Pure Praise, Pure Worship and Pure Word

Founded in August 11th, 2009, The Living Word Ministries is a Pentecostal, non-denominational Bible based Christian church in Evanston Illinois, USA. At the beginning, The Living Word Ministries was formed by a group of people who received the deliverance of God. In 2009, with the leadership of Pastor Peter and (wife) Joyce Okereke, the ministry was officially registered as a church.

Our story is a proven Testimony of the deliverance of the LORD Jesus Christ. Remember, "The Word of the Lord is Living..." (Hebrews 4:12)

The MISSION of this ministry is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, and to train men and women with the gifts and ability to do the same.

Click the "Get Living Word TV" menu item to install our channel on your Roku box.


Want more?

You can also watch The Living Word Ministries along with dozens of other ministries on AIM Christian Television. If you haven't already added AIM Christian Television to your Roku, go to You may also just search for "AIM Christian" directly on your Roku and install it from there.